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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We offer emergency garage door spring repair and handle issues fast

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Garage Door Torsion Spring

Garage Door Torsion Spring

We offer same day garage door torsion spring adjustment and repairs

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Liftmaster - Genie Openers

Liftmaster - Genie Openers

Two of the top brands of garage door openers, LiftMaster and Genie, are serviced by our company.

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Team of experts efficient at installing new garage doors of any type

These are essential tips for garage door repair. Find out more about home maintenance and care.

Glass garage door is a security risk

Choosing glass garage door might be helpful in increasing your home’s curb appeal but it could put your security at risk. It is easy to break into and is also easy to break, literally. Instead, get a steel garage door. It is reliable against intruders, can stand all types of weather, and is repair-able, according to expert professionals from Garage Door Repair Euless.

Routine inspection is a first line of fefense against intruders

Having a damaged or broken part in your garage door could make it easy for intruders to break in. So, if you want to keep your home safe, make sure that you inspect your garage door parts regularly. Check for any sign of malfunction, which may be due to dirt buildup or badly worn part, and apply the appropriate solution.

How to succeed with garage door replacement

When it's time to replace the existing garage door, it's necessary to consider which type of garage door will suit your property better. The specialists of our garage door company in Euless would also suggest getting the right size, opener and insulated panels.

Using car wax on garage doors

Garage door maintenance is important, as without it the moving parts slowly become worn down and eventually stop working. Aside from this, our Euless technicians recommend that you use car wax on your garage door in order to keep it free from moisture and dirt.

Painting metal garage doors

Make sure that the door is clean before applying paint. Sand it down first to remove the old paint and then let it dry. It’s best to use a primer coat with roller and brush and after drying, the acrylic paint of your choice must be applied. Check edges to make sure you did not miss any spot.

Clean and lubricate: simple steps to keep garage doors functional

Simple maintenance steps can lessen your worries, say our experts in garage door repair Euless. Ideally, you must check the moving parts of your unit once a month, clean off the debris that accumulates, and lubricate them with the right greasing products.

Garage door automation

Choose a door that has low electricity consumption. Our technicians in Euless check the reverse mechanism of the door once installation is complete. Make sure the door does not make any irritating noise and functions smoothly. You should be able to operate the door manually when the power is out.

Garage Door Repair Euless

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